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RetailRoadshow RSS RSS feed: offers an RSS feed that provides links to all available roadshow presentations. You can use this feed in your preferred RSS news reader or aggregator to view all current RetailRoadshow presentations without having to manually browse the RetailRoadshow website.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is an XML-based format that websites can use to provide access to their content. For sites that provide news stories and headlines, for example, an RSS feed could provide an updated listing of the day's top stories, with links to each story. Anyone interested in this information can freely subscribe to the RSS feed using their favorite RSS news reader or web-based RSS aggregator (for example, My Yahoo!). Once a subscription has been set up, the content is automatically updated on a regular basis within the RSS reader or aggregator.

What kind of RSS feed does RetailRoadshow offer?

The RetailRoadshow RSS feed contains a list of all current roadshow presentations available for viewing on Along with the name of each presentation, a link is provided that allows direct access to the presentation. If you subscribe to the RetailRoadshow RSS feed, you will always be able to see and access all current RetailRoadshow presentations from within your RSS reader or aggregator.

I don't have an RSS reader or aggregator. How do I get one? Which one should I use?

There are a wide variety of RSS readers and aggregators. Some are stand-alone programs, and others are web-based. Many are available free of charge. Click here to see a comparison chart of popular RSS readers and tools.

How do I subscribe to the RetailRoadshow RSS feed?

There are two ways to subscribe to the RSS feed offered by RetailRoadshow.
  • To manually subscribe to the feed, simply copy the link below and paste it into your RSS reader or aggregator. Please consult the help documentation for your specific reader or aggregator for more information.
  • If your RSS reader or aggregator supports auto-discovery, then you can simply browse to the RetailRoadshow site ( using your reader or aggregator. RSS feed:

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