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Pop-Up Blockers
The RetailRoadshow website utilizes pop-up windows to display certain important information, such as the prospectus for a roadshow. These pop-up windows are only displayed when you click on specific control buttons during a roadshow presentation. If you have a "pop-up blocker" installed on your computer or in your browser, then some or all of these pop-up windows may be blocked.

We strongly recommend that you do one of the following while using the RetailRoadshow web site.
  • Add to your pop-up blocker's whitelist or allowed sites list. This will allow you to see the pop-up windows that you request while watching a RetailRoadshow, while continuing to block unwanted pop-up windows from other sites.
  • Turn off or disable your pop-up blocker completely. You can reactivate your pop-up blocker when you leave the RetailRoadshow website.
  • Some pop-up blockers can be temporarily disabled by holding down the CTRL key while clicking on a link that opens a pop-up window. In order to do this, you must press the CTRL key before clicking the link and continue to hold down the CTRL key until you release the mouse button. Keep in mind that you must do this each time you click on a link that opens a pop-up window.
For more information on how to configure some of the more popular pop-up blockers so that they don't prevent pop-up windows you want to see, click here.

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