We strongly recommend running our System Check if you encounter any problems viewing a RetailRoadshow presentation. The System Check will alert you to any issues you should address before attempting to view a RetailRoadshow.

For help using the RetailRoadshow web site, please refer to the information below.

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Please keep in mind that to view RetailRoadshow presentations and documents, you must have a recent version of the Adobe Flash Player and the Adobe Reader (or a compatible PDF reader) installed on your system.

Information on installing Flash Player

Information on installing Adobe Reader

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System Check
The chart below will indicate whether your system is fully compatible with the RetailRoadshow web site. Results in green indicate full compatibility, whereas items in red indicate a potential problem that you will need to address before you can view RetailRoadshow presentations and documents.

If you have questions about the minimum system requirements for viewing a RetailRoadshow presentation, please consult our Minimum Requirements chart by clicking here.
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Flash Player 7+

Adobe Reader

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